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Building tomorrow's infrastructure

We provide ultra-efficient, green colocation solutions. The perfect home for your HPC infrastructure.

System integrators, enterprise clients and cloud providers are significantly reducing their total cost of ownership and the environmental impact of vital IT investments by colocating with us.


Long term energy contracts and carbon free energy provide for low and predictable OPEX.


100% renewable clean and carbon free energy.


Superior Infrastructure – ranks at the top in the world, low natural hazard risk.

Natural Cooling

The ambient temperature in Sweden allows for year round free natural cooling, saving energy and cost.

Reduced IT Infrastructure & Management Expense

Benefit from low and more predictable op-ex model rather than trying to keep up with the escalating costs of building, securing and maintaining your own data center as power and cooling needs grow.

Robust Power Capacity & Redundancy

We provide access to a more robust power-per-square foot ratio than most private data centers

Reliability & Uptime

Our network configurations are all designed to deliver reliability and availability.

Support & Maintenance

We provide access to a more robust power-per-square foot ratio than most private data centers

Security & Protection

Our facilities are hardened against forced entry, unauthorized access, fire and natural disasters. We offer multiple layers of security including 24/7 onsite security, biometric and card key entry, cabinet and cage locks, and camera surveillance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Colocating can ensure that your offsite servers, equipment, and applications will remain available and operational if the unexpected happens.

Colocations Services

Using a shared offsite IT infrastructure from a trusted provider offers an attractive alternative to owning and maintaining own data centers


High Performance Computing

Blockchain Services

Deep Learning and AI


Accelerated Analytics

Cloud Computing

Our Mission

Building tomorrow’s IT infrastructure by offering flexible solutions for colocation and data center services at a low cost. No long term contracts, no hidden fees. Simple and reliable.

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